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Needing or wanting plant cover for early spring late fall?

5 years ago

Noticed that the back to school ads were on line this morning. If you are needing something to protect your plants from either early or late frosts and freezing I find that the extra long twin sheets that are sold for people returning to college the ideal size. They are less bulky than regular sheets. Cheap for a plant cover as on sale can be purchased most years for $5-8.00 where a row cover is much more expensive. They do now come in colors vs. back in the day when they were only white. For me they have always worked well when I had annuals that I was just not ready to loose for the season to the first frosts. In the spring if you worry about the early peony shoots emerging the sheets make an easy cover. When finished shake well and wash in hot water. You can then fold and stash until the next time you need them for things like ground covers for picnics.