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Can I move an Eastern Phoebe nest?

Jen Ostrow
6 years ago

Hi, I have family of what I think are Eastern Phoebe that have taken up residence in the fan for my stove that leads to outside. When they first were poking around there I'd turn the fan on to discourage them, but for some reason it didn't deter them and they built a nest anyway. They have been there for a few weeks and I had intended to let them just hang out and once the season ended covering the hole with mesh so they couldn't come back next year. Unfortunately, I've started to have sticks and feces fall onto my stove in my house, so that's not really an option anymore. I don't think they have hatched chicks (it doesn't sound like it), but they might have eggs. I can't see because of the angle of the opening. Can I safely move the nest? How can I go about doing that? I don't want to hurt them, but they really can't stay there :(