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Front entrance door glass problem

6 years ago

After many years of clear glass, the insulated panels on our double mahogany doors apparently have some seals that are leaking. I came to this conclusion after not being able to clean the glass thoroughly. I thought the glass would be clean... until the sun would rise. I kept noticing foggy edged circles inside the glass panes. I eventually realized the landscaper must be pushing dust inside the panes when he blew off our front porch after cutting the grass.

I have posted photos with and without the sun shining through.

Has anyone ever seen this happen? Can the glass be removed and cleaned between the insulated panes? If so, who do I call? I don't know the name of the door manufacturer.

I'd really love to replace the glass with beveled panes. The 10 year old door was supposed to be shipped with the beveled glass. Instead it arrived plain, and we were crunched for time, so they were installed without. :(

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