Wedding: I need gift idea


My daughter is getting married in 3 1/2 months. She and her fiancé are doing the whole thing themselves, which is the way they wanted it to avoid having others opinions, choices and such. My husband and I plan to give them a money wedding gift but I would like to do something special for them that would add to the occasion. A friend is already making them a personalized guest book. I am not all that handy but I can do a few things that aren't too complicated. Does anyone have an idea? Thank you.

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Sylvia Gordon

Maybe a scrapbook? You might post on the kitchen table Forum, there are a lot of crafty artistic people over there, and they're all very helpful.

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I agree that the Kitchen Table is full of helpful people!

Here's the link:

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Is there a family heirloom or just a possession that has been a favorite of hers? A pitcher, a platter, a set of dishes, a rug, a special chair?

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