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Flowers and buds going brown :O(

7 years ago

howdy roo! I was hoping someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong. I'm kind of a purple thumb..kinda tend to kill plants..then revive them. I'm still shocked the plants i have are still alive...

I've gotten the AV bug..I do have others that I've so far havent killed..but they are still small and not to the flowering point yet. I did kinda half kill the one my mom received from someone about a year ago (how i first got the av bug)...i gave it too much water..but it has since grown so much and just started to i kind of have this system to bottom water them..its what i do to water my succulents. I picked these noids up at home depot..they were soooo pretty..sooo many buds..the dirt is a little foreign to looks like coir..i'm not familiar with that so i'm not sure if it holds water more or less..but i've had them for almost two weeks..the flowers started to turn brown on the edges monday..and buds turning brown...the dirt isnt overly wet..i've stuck my finger down to the bottom..its just barely moist..i've only watered them once..I put them on a table thats somewhat in front of my south facing window..I have a white curtain (not sheer) which is where I have the other av's the picture i have them under my grow lights..its cloudy today and wasnt sure if maybe they werent getting enough sun..i dont see any changes in the leaves..its just the flowers and buds..

sorry long winded..i tend to type a lot lol..I do have plans to repot them..just havent yet..havent had the funds..and didnt need to until i received these and being unfamiliar with the soil

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