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Rose-Breasted Grosbeak for the first time!

6 years ago

We are in Missouri and have a couple bird feeders in our backyard, as well as woods behind us. Just happened to be looking out at the feeder and saw this bird. My husband and I both said at the same time, "What the heck is that?"

The only other black, white and red birds I've seen are the woodpeckers. But, this looked similarily shaped as a Cardinal. We weren't able to get to a camera quick enough, but I looked it up online and it was the Rose-Breasted Grosbeak. Beautiful bird! Hope he comes back. I also told my husband to be careful trying to eliminate house sparrows we have because the female looks similar in coloration.

The house sparrows killed our baby bluebirds last year. So frustrating. We have bluebirds in there now and are hoping they survive this year.

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