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Is this the start of a baby maple tree? (pics)

In the back yard we have an already established maple tree. About thirty feet forward towards the house we tried to plant a lilac last year and it just didn't do well. The entire thing died except for two small things.

A small sliver of the lilac is growing, however upon further inspection and looking at the leaves it actually looks like a baby maple! I'm shocked honestly.

Now to ask the stupid questions. Is this the start of a baby maple tree? IE: Will this or is this possibly going to grow into a large maple tree? If it looks like it, is there anything I should be doing right now. As of right now I am doing nothing and nature is doing it's thing.

See attached pictures. The leaves look like the maple that is further down in the picture by our shed. Last two pictures show the distance between the two and the very last picture is the leaf of the big maple.

I plan on cutting the rest of the dead lilac stubs flush with the ground but that should not interfere with the maple right?



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