Is it more cost effective to use a developer or design/build your own?

Michael Lamb
4 years ago

Wife and I want to move into a bigger house in a better neighborhood by 8/2018, about 16 months from now. We have been going around looking a display homes in developments that are popping up, and while they are nice, we feel they are cookie cutter in alot of ways and we would have to accept not being able to change some things to our liking. I've talked to one of my co-workers who is currently building a house, and hearing some of her stories about what these builder's won't allow. For example, she wanted under cabinet lighting, and they told her she had to get xenon lighting. She pressed them for LED lighting, and they finally did give in, and agree to let her get LED lighting, but the older style, not the newer tape style like she wanted.

Having just remodeled my kitchen a few months ago, I was easily able to tell the contractor I wanted this type of lighting, this sink, faucet, appliances, tile, etc. Is it possible to get this kind of control in one of those developments?

So I have been thinking about shopping for my own lot, finding an architect, and hiring a builder to build my house. Is it about the same cost to do it this way vs going to one of the developers, cheaper, or more? We are in the Baltimore area, and are looking at building in the suburbs somewhere, towards DC.

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