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Build your own walk-in cooler?

15 years ago

Hi Everyone,

For those of you who have taken a corner of your barn, or some building, and built your own walk-in cooler, I would love to have some suggestions on what materials are needed, and also how efficient these are to run. I am at the point in my business where a cooler would be very beneficial for holding my flowers a bit longer. Especially in-between market days and also for florists. I find when all the lilies are coming in, that's when the heat hits and I just watch all those beautiful lilies blow open in the field. It seems the hottest, muggiest weather hits when I would prefer it didn't. Good for the annuals, not so good for the lilies.

I'd like to build this thing right the first time around, so would appreciate some suggestions from those of you who have been using one for a while. Thanks very much, and I hope all of you have had a great season, and are still cutting!


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