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Ground Cherry Flowering at 3" tall?!

Hello All!

So I have never grown ground cherries before but figured I would give it a shot this year. I started four Goldie Ground Cherries from seed indoors on February 26th. They have seemed healthy thus far, along with everything else I started indoors. I noticed this morning that they are sending out buds! The plants are only 3 inches tall and they are all doing this. Has anyone ever experienced this before? Everything else is thriving and I truly have no idea what could have caused this (unless it is normal). The seeds are from the same supplier I always use and have never been disappointed. I was planning on planting them out this weekend along with my tomatoes and peppers but may end up using that space for something else if they are a lost cause. Maybe I can pinch the buds and it will continue in its vegetative stage? Check out pics below. You can clearly see one hanging bud in the profile pic. In the pic from above you can see what seems to be 2 more buds. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

andrew_marsh23's ideas · More Info

andrew_marsh23's ideas · More Info

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