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Need information about Adobe Creative Suite

5 years ago

I am using Windows 7 for a while longer.

My question to you is do you have Adobe Creative Suite what version is it? Can you use the fancy open fonts and glyphs with your version?

I understand that this is the software I need to use that will allow me to use my open fonts and glyphs. Those pretty fancy fonts.

There is an adobe by the month plan but I don't want this plan. I would like to purchase the older version ( and I understand I will need to buy a new one so I can get the Key to be able to use it).

I have spent several hours at a couple of on line chats with Adobe but they don't seem to know or want to tell me what to look for. They only want to sell me a monthly subscription.

There are several versions that I have found. They range in price from $50 to 1,000. This is for an occasional use so I won't be paying a $1,000.

Before I buy I need to know that it will work and use the fonts that I have purchased that is on My Windows computer. Adobe said they would. But what is the difference between a $50 version and the upper end version.

I only want to write using the version not do any photo editing.

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