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My birds are starting to tick me off. ;)

6 years ago

I guess pecking at all my windows has been handed down to the female cardinals, generation after generation. I have about 3 fake owls at different windows, but it looks like I need at least 3 more. We don't have a garage and I park right next to the house. We have a climbing hydrangea that covers our stone chimney right next to the driveway. Well, a robin decided she wouldn't need to go far to her nest in the hydrangea, and perches on my car's side mirror and poops all over my car door........and I mean ALL over. I can't believe how often she poops. I tried to scare her off by remotely setting off my car alarm, but it didn't work and I had to start keeping my car parked kinda far from the house. But now there's a young female cardinal that's always at the car mirror now. One year, I had a really bad problem with the car and the cardinal and I tried putting bags over the mirrors, but they blew away. Then I put a fake owl on the top of the car, but that got to be too much work....up and down, up and down.

These guys are just being plain silly.