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Need backsplash help -- tile or countertop slab.

6 years ago

Hello All.

I am reluctantly remodeling my kitchen. We had a dishwasher leak that required a wall of counters to be removed. Since the kitchen is 23 years old and the melamine cabinets are starting to delaminate, we are redoing the whole kitchen, though keeping the beige limestone floor.

We have chosen dark walnut cabinets for the island, white cabinets for the perimeter, and white macaubas quartzite for the countertops (both the island and the perimeter). Aside from the island, there is only one wall with countertops and thus only one wall with backsplash. Not sure if we should flip the macaubas up on the wall for the backsplash -- we would go to the upper cabinets -- or if we should do a tile (and if so -- what!!). I am posting a few pictures to show you what some of the options we are considering are and to show you my kitchen layout and floor.

I am super appreciative for any advice you guys can provide. This is really hard for me!!

This is a picture of the white macaubas in a model home -- not my house.

This is a picture of my kitchen BEFORE we had to tear it out due to the leak to show the layout and the floors. As I said, the island will be a dark wood. It will also be a bit larger to allow for seating -- two on the end and one on the long side.

Another picture to show the layout and the floor.

This is a picture of the mosaic my decorator recommended. She suggested running a strip of it but otherwise using white subway tiles. She liked it because it has some grey like the stone and some beige like the floor. (We are doing more of a shaker door -- I was just using this one to represent white while looking at my slab.)

This is a picture of a backsplash tile my husband liked with either a matte subway tile or some sort of marble subway tile.

And last -- this is a picture of Macaubas used at the backsplash on a display at Pirch. Given how our kitchen lays out, we would not need to have a seam on the backsplash.

Thanks so much for any advice and suggestions!!

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