Pest under Mulch in vegetable garden

4 years ago

I need help with my garden! Four years ago when we first started gardening we purchased straw and put it down Hoping to have a no till garden. The first year it was beautiful and so productive. We even purchased a truckload of organic compost and put that down in hopes of having the best start we could. The second year, However, was terrible. We live in the south where the winters are not so rough on the bugs. The bugs not only wintered over in the ground over but it also gave them a great place to hide all summer. I should mention that we are surrounded by commercial farmland (cotton, soy, peanuts and corn). That year and the following year I tried every organic means I could find to rid our garden of pests, but it was a total fail. I took out the straw and mulched leaves, but then The weeds and grasses took over during a very wet summer. I want healthy soil and I would like an organic garden, but I'm about to think it's impossible in the south! This year, we are considering putting down commercial landscape fabric. I would appreciate any advice from experienced southern gardeners. Thank you!

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