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new bird id help

7 years ago

I've been seeing so many new birds that I can't identify and it's driving me crazy! I just started bird watching abt the beginning of the year or maybe December.

Anyway, this is a small red bird, abt the size of a goldfinch, with black and white wing and tail feathers that look zebra-like. It looks like somebody took an american gold finch and dipped it in red paint and all the gold parts turned red. The difference is the red bird does not have the black patch on the top of the head like the goldfinch does.

It's not a house finch or a purple finch (smaller and redder), and it's not a scarlet tanager (bcs of zebra striped wings), not a vermillion flycatcher, nothing I have seen on the internet after hours of searching.

2 of them came back this morning but were gone by the time I could grab my binoculars. Any ideas?

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