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NYC kitchen layout help needed!

7 years ago

I posted this to the Houzz Design Dilemma Discussion and someone suggested I post it here.

We are combining two apartments into one in NYC. We have come to the conclusion that when it comes to kitchen design, we are out of our depth. Help, please!

We like:

- The open space and having a flow between the kitchen and living room

- The idea of having a breakfast nook by the corner window

- Clean lines, lighter colors (it's a dark space without a lot of natural light), whites/grays/wood, modern design

- Nothing too precious. We are ok with cheap and functional, i.e. IKEA cabinets with Semihandmade doors.

Our appliances are:

- Bosch 30" Gas Freestanding Range 300 Series - Stainless Steel HGS3053UC47 3/4'' x 29 7/8'' x 25 3/4''

- Bosch 18" Panel Ready Dishwasher - ADA Compliant EuroTub Panel Ready Dishwasher

SPV5ES53UC32 1/16 '' x 17 5/8 " x 21 5/8 ''

- Liebherr Fridge CS 1611 79 9/16" x 29 9/16" x 24 13/16"

Ceiling is around 9'6"

Here's the current layout:

Here's our (probably uninspired) plan. Starting to feel like it would be stupid to put the stove in a cramped space and so close to the fridge.

Should we put in a kitchen island, ala this Houzz example?

Grace Lake New Construction · More Info

Or stick with an L-shape to maximize open space, ala this Houzz example?

Contemporary family house in Ealing · More Info

Or do something completely different?

Thanks for reading this!

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