Help finding narrow counter stools

5 years ago

Hi again. We're still plugging away at our Plain English-inspired kitchen facelift. Our island is fairly narrow at 29" wide. I have a comfortable overhang to work with though, and it's a spot our little kids will use most, so small stools suit is fine. But there isn't a lot available at 14" wide or less. I like simple and timeless. If I could, I'd do a couple of Thonet bentwood stools but those are too wide.

I'm attaching the island as it is now, unpainted and with cardboard between the base cabs and the butcher block, which is halfway through oiling. Any ideas? Is a back important for kids? Should it be adjustable, or can my preschool just deal with being too short for a standard counter height stool?

I like natural wood, black, white, green or navy.

Maybe be something like this? Is this my best bet? It's $130 CND from Wayfair and is unfinished, so I'd definitely need to seal or paint it

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