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Layout advice to update kitchen?

7 years ago

We just moved into a 1990s-era house in which very little has been updated. The kitchen layout seemed similar to what I was used to, so I figured I would just change cabinets, counters, appliances. However after cooking in it maybe the layout can be better, so I'm asking for ideas here first. I have very little imagination when it comes to this kind of thing.

What I don't like: 1) The wall ovens are tiny! I need a bigger oven. 2) The pantry is laid out like a coat closet: regular door with hard-to-use space on each side 3) The space between the peninsula and opposite counter is almost 8'. Seems like a long way. 4) I can't seem to find the right space to prep for dinner. Maybe I just need more time. 5) The microwave has to come off the counter 6) I hate the downdraft cooktop. It has to go.

Constraints: Can't move the windows or garage door. On the other side of the oven wall is a fireplace, can't change that wall. Have to have a patio door, maybe doesn't need to be as big? (but it lets in a lot of light in this dark house)

I'm fretting over: House is built on a slab, I probably don't have budget to move plumbing or gas lines. Flat roof with no access to space above means any lighting change needs to tear out the ceiling. Saltillo tile is all through the house, a new kitchen layout means new floor which won't match.

Other stuff: There are only 2 of us but we don't cook at the same time. Holidays maybe 8 to 10 guests. I do some canning and preserving. Previous owners had a 4-person round table in the space in front of the patio door, but we tend to eat at the bar. We use that space all day long going in and out so a table would kind of be in the way. But it is a big space not doing much. Probably doesn't matter for layout purposes but this is a Southwest style house and the kitchen will remain that style too.

My idea so far: replace the cooktop with a slide-in range, replace the wall ovens with a microwave and cabinet drawers underneath. That's all I got. Any suggestions?

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desertgardener's ideas · More Info

desertgardener's ideas · More Info

desertgardener's ideas · More Info

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