How many is too many when decorating a home?

4 years ago

So lets say I really love the barn door rustic look for my home interior. My husband and I are installing a set of barn doors for our kitchen pantry. They will probably be the star of the room. Matching wood beams in the living room which is open concept to compliment the doors.

Here's were it gets tricky. I love barn doors so much. I want to install them everywhere I can. Haha!! I know that I shouldn't and it would be over kill in the public spaces. But what about using them in the private spaces too? Would it be overkill then?

My master bedroom is what is in question. I wanted a barn door for my master bathroom but my husband saw a cute picture of barn doors used to cover windows and when open to let in light they act like a headboard for a bed. Something like this picture but more rustic. Would it be too much to have both the door and the window covers in our private master bedroom along with the barn doors in the kitchen?

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