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Fiddle leaf fig new growth in winter? help!

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hi there.

I've had a fiddle leaf fig since June 2016. It's a very healthy plant, I've had no issues with it. However I noticed at the end of summer it was outgrowing it's pot. No big deal, I thought, it will be dormant throughout the winter so I won't have to worry about repotting until spring (which from what I understand is the best time to do so). Well the thing won't stop growing. It has grown 4 new leaves since September (2 in the last week) plus the 5 it grew over summer! I shouldn't complain, at least its not dying! But the problem now is the pot size. The fig has lost four leaves from the bottom up since the winter began. I am assuming this is because it has outgrown its pot and is accommodating the new growth? So now I think I need to repot this guy asap to prevent the loss of anymore leaves. But it's the middle of winter... everything I've read says reporting in the winter is a no-no. Help! Can I repot now? Is growth throughout winter normal? For reference I live in Saskatchewan, dead cold winters with short days. The plant recieves light from a SW facing window.

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