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yoyobon_gw it relevant any more ?

7 years ago

I read this recently :

"When our spelling is perfect, it is invisible but when it's flawed it projects strong negative associations."

Does anyone else form an opinion of the writer when spelling mistakes are left uncorrected ?

Or are spelling skills simply not relevant any more.

With "spell check" and text lingo I fear our youth simply doesn't know or care about the language and spelling.

When I taught I would tell my students " Choose your friends and your words carefully because both reflect upon you ." Now I would add : " And learn to spell correctly !! "

It seems like so much of what I believed to be absolutely necessary is going by the wayside : spelling, grammar, manners, proper dress for the occasion, written thank you notes......etc.

Or have I become "one of those women of a certain age " ?!

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