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Need advice on establishing a new lawn

Matt R
5 years ago

We purchased a new construction house late last October. When we moved on the yard was mostly mud but the contractor had seeded earlier in the building process but it was not growing, had equipment driven on it and looked weedy.

I knew being the first week of November before getting the chance to put more seed that I wouldn't have much of a chance of getting anything to grow but it was still very warm so I took the advice of my local seed company and put down so some KY31 not knowing any better.

Now i'm really regretting that decision and would like advise on what steps to take to get rid of it and get quality seed down and not have a muddy yard all summer.

I'm in the southernmost tip of Indiana (zone 6)

I got an over the phone quote for sod installed with me prepping site for $1800 which I think is pretty reasonable but would like to explore other options as well.

One thing that complicates matters even more is we had an underground fence installed and the cable buried and i know that neither one is very deep so I really have to limit my tilling depth.

Should I round up everything and start over with seed this spring?

or use my remaining seed to overseed more this spring so that I dont have a muddy mess all summer and then kill all of it and reseed in the fall?

Thanks in advance for the advice

This is what the front looked like the day of posession (nevermind my 9 year olds arm)

This is what it currently looks like

and this is the slope that I have to contend with on the sides

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