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Help identifying possible mold and remedies for it

7 years ago

I repaired what I thought were long scratches to the baseboard in a small room (containing just the toilet) in a bathroom. I sanded, filled, sanded again and when fully dry, painted. Two weeks later the same marks are back--and in the same place. This makes me think this is something organic like mold, although it seems odd that it's in the exact same spot. (Not that I want it to spread!) I have also noticed 'drain flies' in the room, which supports a theory of it being damp somewhere.

The walls on either side and behind the water closet look normal both in the room and outside/around it. The bathroom is over the slab but the basement ceiling right next to the slab area also appears normal, no sign of water.

My questions are: Can anyone identify this? Do I call a plumber or a carpenter?

Thanks for any help!

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