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Has anyone gone from a main floor master to a second floor, backwards?

7 years ago

So I know the location of the master bedroom is personal preference but we have recently purchased a lake lot in freezing Minnesota where most master bedrooms are the on the second floor - we bucked the trend and loved it even when the kids were little. We are considering moving our master to the 2nd floor. The ironic thing is when we were in our 20's we build a main floor master and our two kids (now 12 and 14) were upstairs. We are considering- for cost and square footage purposes (not to mention the lake view) moving to an upstairs master - the kids would also be upstairs but on the other side of the great room and will be out of the house in 6 years. Are we crazy? Did anyone go from main floor to 2nd floor and love it? Hate it? I really don't forsee us doing an elevator rough in?

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