How many light fixtures are needed for my new grow shelf?

Robin Lawson
4 years ago

For the last few years, I've used huge, bulky old office fluorescent lights hung from the ceiling for my veggie seedlings. I want to build a more compact 4-shelf system with a shelving unit from Lowe's. I'm deciding between 2 shelves there -- one is 48" W by 18" D and the other is 48" W by 24"D. I like the idea of the 24" so that I can fit four 1020 trays on each shelf, front to back, as opposed to just two per shelf, side to side, with the more shallow 18". It'll come down to cost of lighting. I plan on buying the least expensive 2-light T8 shop fixtures I can find. How many fixtures would I need per each 18" deep shelf? How many for each 24" shelf? If I can get away with 2 fixtures per shelf for the 24", I'd love to get that one, so I can squeeze in double the amount of trays. I've spent hours trying to research this, and I can't seem to get consistent info. Thanks in advance!

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