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New light & shelf set up

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

Hey guys. I have too many plants and not enough room, set up equipment, etc for everything to be within inches of the lights. I have one actual grow light, one work lamp with a 100w "daylight" bulb, and another work lamp (the larger one) with a CFL grow light I bought off amazon. It's a "hydroponic full spectrum CFL grow light 60 wag bulb 5500k h60" - whatever that means.

Anyway. I had everything set up like this before...

With this set up I think everything was getting enough light except my herbs on the very bottom shelf. I didn't think it was bad but I wondered if I could make it more efficient.

I split the shelf in half and used the pipe setup I used last year when all my plants could fit on one table.

I tried to get everything as close to a light as possible and/or directly under a light but maybe a little further. Like the ones on the second shelf.

I have one more hydroponic grow light I could use. I would need to get a lamp for it though. Question is... Do you see any other way to better utilize the material I have. I cannot go out buying more stuff right now. I'm actually considering selling/giving away some of my plants to make what I have more manageable. I can go buy a cheap lamp for the bulb I already have, but that's it.

I would appreciate any constructive tips on how these materials may be better utilized with a most efficient setup.

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