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7 years ago

My cleaning woman has done it again. Back in Aug, the first few times she came (comes every other week), I showed her how to put clean sheets on my bed. The 3rd time I let her do it and when I came upstairs after she left, I nearly had a heart attack; she had put the top sheet on sideways, with the hem on the side. Really?

So when she came the next time, I mentioned this to her and again helped her make the bed. She had no idea sheets had a top and a bottom, nor gas she ever heard of a hospital corner.

I buy my sheets in England from Cologne and Cotton. First of all, I love the size of Englush and European sheets. They have a much longer drop on each side, and a 24" turn back at the top. These sheets have beaut drawn thread embroidery at the hem and it makes a right angle so it shows on the side when the sheet is turned back. It's very different than the small machine stitched hem at the bottom. I also have my sheets ironed. I've shown her repeatedly how to just unfold the sheet part way until it is lined up on the bed - fold marks centered vertically and horizontally. The the down blanket goes on and then the Boutis quilt. I always tell her to leave the pillow cases and I'll do them as they're all French backed shams and she rips them, forcing the pillow inside. She goes ahead and puts them on every time to "help" even when I tell her not to do it.

She's done a halfway decent job the last two times - minor adjustment to the Boutis and switching a couple of cases.

But this time I could kill her. She came to me and said her ride was here and she "hadn't had time to put the Boutis and down blanket on (but had had time to put the cases on!). So I came upstairs yo finish the bed.

I have serious respiratory problems - about 51% pulmonary function. I'm also allergic to dust mites which are in all bedding. She had the sheet already tucked in at the bottom, and the excess at the top had fallen between the mattress and headboard. It's a queen bed and this is hard for me - coughing and shortness of breath. Got the two covers on and went to fold back the top sheet, and you guessed it - she had the sheet upside down. Aggghhh!

So other than the fitted bottom sheet I now must totally remake the bed. I'm resting to get my breath back while I type this. I could gleefully strangle her with my bare hands.

i have to have help and day help is impossible to find. Can't afford a cleaning service. A pox on her house!

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