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Snow day....umm week!

6 years ago

Last weekend we received about 6 inches of the white stuff but most melted off. Last night we totaled 4 inches and wave 2 of the storm system is giving us another 6 inches by tonight. To back it up, and artic blast is coming through with temps dropping into the single digit and wind chill way below zero. So...I am not going anywhere the next few days.

Today is make and can chili, hoping for 8 quarts. I am down to my last jar. Later this week it may be on to pasta sauce with meat, again hoping for 8 quarts. This sauce is very similar to a Bolognase, but without any milk. That will be added at the time of serving.

Add in some backing and a good inventory of the freezers and the week is cut out for me.

So how are the rest of you doing during this round of winter?

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