My Dad is trapped!!

Mark Anderson

I would appreciate any help here. My Dad is very wealthy. About 10 years ago he married his 2nd wife who is only a few years older than I am. Since then his health has gone downhill. I visited him recently and we were astonished as to how things have changed for him.

I know he would get out if he could. She's making his life sad and also has a drug problem.

My dad is in a position where she cares for him and I know he would feel helpless without the care she does give. He's the kind of guy that needs "companionship", not just health care. He's WAY too proud to have his kids help him. He's in his young 70's. How can we get him help and possibly a change?

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You could ask for a guardianship but unless he is incompetent you would not receive it. Be glad that she cares for him. Since she does talk to her about ways that your father could get out of the house. You may find that he refuses to go any where because he feels it is too much trouble. Be open to what she tells you. You may not like it because it does not fit what you want to think.

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