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I want to keep this new growth pristine! So what do I do?

Cori Ann - H0uzz violated my privacy
6 years ago
last modified: 6 years ago

I know I posted a pic a few days ago on a different post... but I have decided I absolutely LOVE the new growth on this Eureka lemon tree.

In CA we are pretty lucky. If we want to go all organic and "no spray" (aka lazy), we can. We have pests, but they're not really terrible. Leaf miners can be pretty bad here, but my attitude has always been that they're just making the leaves ugly, not really doing more than that, so who cares.

Well this year I have upped my gardening game and gone a little berserk. I remodeled, planted a gazillion new things and now I'm paying attention much more to little things I didn't before. I have had citrus trees many times before, although years ago, and never even paid any attention to the beautiful new growth of a Eureka lemon.

I love the new growth on this Eureka lemon. Really love it. My Meyer lemons, meh. Oranges, grapefruits, limes... shrug. The leaf miners and other pests could have those. But this one... I want to protect and cherish! It's a gorgeous, deep maroon and I love it. I'm down to spray, protect, whatever I need to do. Since I want to protect this one I may as well protect my others too.

Guide me. Oh citrus gurus. Guide me. How do I keep this new growth protected from all the little pests out there? What do I spray? When do I spray? How often? This time of year do I even need to worry about it? Can I continue to be an organic, no spray (lazy) gardener and be just fine until spring? Break it down for me. :)

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