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Soy Candle Troubles

7 years ago

I'm absolutely stumped with my recent candles. I made a sample batch to get opinions on the jars and new scents, but my usual process resulted in terrible wet spots a week after pouring. The only change I made was the use of the 7oz tumblers from Peak Candle Supplies rather than the apothecary or jelly jars from Candle Science. Here's what I did:

GB 464 soy, Candle Science scents, ECO 10 wicks, 7oz tumblers from Peak

Heat wax to 190F - double boiler method. Cool to suitable temperature for adding FO, per Nature's Garden Candle's guidelines. Stir two minutes. Cool to "slushy" (about 100-105F). Pour. Let set overnight.

I used this exact same process last year with berry scents from Candle Science and they came out as expected for a soy candle - decent scent throw, but not Yankee strong. So, that's not the problem. What's bothering me are the wet spots. I can't seem to figure out what caused them. They're huge wet spots that cover half the jar, and there seems to be a slight bit of frosting on the sides as well, which I don't usually have trouble with.

Could there have been some sort of residue on the jar surface? Could they have cooled too quickly - maybe I should pour a little warmer or insulate as I would with palm wax? The tumblers are thinner than the apothecary and jelly jars. I know it's not the wax, because I worked with it a week prior when I tested a palm/soy blend, that turned out fairly decent, and I did an unscented test batch of double wicked apothecary jars to find a suitable wick size - no wet spots or jump lines.

Any ideas about what went wrong?

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