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pros, cons, approximate price of accordion/double slider patio door?

7 years ago

I've just bought a fixer and want to open up the wall facing into the garden and have either an accordion door or a double sliding patio door (sorry if my terminology is wrong: ideally I'd have 4 panels that move all the way out of the way, or two patio doors that slide towards each other, with two static panes either side?) Currently there is a basic single patio slider and a window to the right of it.

What might I expect to pay?

The end of the house is about 9' tall x 30' wide, though the entire thing doesn't have to open.

I know the wall above will need to be reinforced. Unless the floor-supported technology from Jeld-Wen means the weight is carried on the base?

What brands are good for accordion doors? Marvin BiFold doors? What else?

Ditto double sliders?

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