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knocking down block partition walls

7 years ago

hi, i just bought a house built in the mid 60's in the north east. it is a 2 story cape house with full height basement. i want to make the basement more usable but there is a L shaped cinder block wall that runs across the floor joists in the center of the room, a little more then halfway across, and then runs parallel to the joists to the back of the basement. there IS a big bearing beam with lally columns running right next to it as well. i only want to lose the cinder block wall, NOT the beam or columns. but dont want my house to collapse.
these blocks are old and crumbling and are not standard size. they are only 4" wide. the only thing i can come up with, is the possibility that this was a garage stall at one time since that corner of basement has a wide garage door sized opening in the foundation with a wall framed in, and is even with the driveway.
the L shaped block wall separates only this section.

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