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2016 Seed Swap

7 years ago

We talked about a seed swap a few months ago, so here's the official sign up. Tentative plan is to have everyone mail in your seeds by Nov 15, then I'll return them before thanksgiving (Christmas is coming early this year.) I'm finishing up one I organized on facebook, so between my lessons learned there and the comments and suggestions on the earlier thread, here's my version of rules.

1. Send me a PM and I'll reply with my address. Comment on here if I don't respond, just in case I miss it.

2. Mail me your seeds in a bubble envelope, and include postage or cash for the return trip (include a little extra just in case returning costs more than sending). I'll put the unused stamps/money back in your envelope. Deadline is Nov 15, and I'll try to get everything sent back before thanksgiving.
2a. PLEASE make sure you put enough postage on, and include enough for the return! My last swap I had 2 packages with insufficient postage, and one got lost by the post office. I know I'm not responsible, but I feel guilty all the same. Most of the envelopes came out to just over $2 for 20 packets, so I'd say send at least $3.
2b. 20 is a good assortment, but if you want to be overly generous feel free to send in more and I'll split them between everyone. So you're guaranteed to get back at least 20 packs. And no more than 5 packets of the same item. The more variety you send, the more variety you'll get back.
2c. If you're new to seed starting and don't have a very large stockpile, send them anyways. I'll trade out one-to-one (you send me 5 packs, I'll send back 5) plus some of the extras, if we get enough.
2d. How many seeds to include: Send a "fair amount" (whatever you'd be happy receiving in a trade). I know, that's open to interpretation. Ive been told 6-10 of most things, larger amounts of lettuce or carrots, fewer if it's something rare. If in doubt, ask.

3. What to send: anything that grows! Flowers, veggies, you name it. Just include the year, whether it was commercially grown or harvested, and whatever information you can.
3a. I'm limiting this to newer seeds, so only include seeds packed or harvested 2014-2016. (Unless you're sending it for a specific person and they don't mind getting older seeds.)
3b. If you're sending something for a specific person, make sure it's well labeled and I'll include it with their pile. I'll start a thread for haves and wants.

4. Also include a wish list if you want, and I'll do my best to accommodate it (if possible). Be as general or specific as you like. So if you're looking for a specific tomato, want purple flowers, or do not want beans, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

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