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David Austin Roses need feedback

Yuliya B
6 years ago

Hi, my first post under roses. I am about to plant about 90 rose bushes on a new built house and wanted someone with experience to chime in to make sure that I don't screw this up. So, I have consulted with DA and they proposed the selection of roses for the front boarder and back. Now, here are the questions. 1. How on earth do I loosen 18 inches of soil when prepping for planting 2. how susceptible DA roses to becoming naked (leafless) during summer 3. Does anyone here use sugarcane mulch? from what I understand roses do not like acidic soil and sugarcane mulch is the one that does not add acidity to the soil. I am in zone 9b, every rose I had before would loose it's leaves during summer, but based on what I read DA roses should do better then that. I would appreciate any feedback. thanks

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