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Thinking about organic lawn care.

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Hello everyone,

I am in Long Island, NY.

I was reading the FAQ's about the organic lawn care(which I can't seem to find anywhere again) and it makes a lot of sense. I have some questions related to this before I go about it.

1) Am I correct in thinking that when people refer to organic fertilizers that the fertilizers are not actually needing to be labeled organic or usda organic? Rather we are just talking about feeding the lawn with natural food, soy meal, alfalfa meal, corn meal, corn gluten, feather meal, etc, correct?

2) It makes sense the fact that you are feeding the soil instead of a direct instant nitrogen fix with synthetics. I am going to be honest that I doubt I can be 100% organic, but more importantly I would like to know what non-organic practices ruin the microbes in the soil because I like the idea of not having to dethatch and aerate? Will the occasional use of weed-be-gone spot spraying ruin the microbes? Will mosquito hose end sprayers ruin the microbes?

3) It is October 1st, 2016. My lawn is due for a feeding but I have been using synthetics. If I want to start using organic fertilizing from this point forward, should I follow the same regimen as synthetics? Memorial Day/Labor Day/October 1st/Thanksgiving? While there are many to choose from, what would be best and at what times?

4) What is the proper lbs/1000 sqft to use for organic fertilizer?

5) Can someone post the link to the FAQs for organic lawn care if it is still around?

6) Whats the difference between alfalfa pellets and rabbit food? Feed store here has both. Alfalfa for $23.40/40lbs and rabbit feed $18/50lbs?

Any additional information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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