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In Need Of An Organic Lawn Care Schedule

9 years ago

Hello everyone,
I have been browsing this forum for about 5 months now and would appreciate some advise on starting an organic lawn care program. This is my first post and it is going be be kinda lengthy. I apologize in advance for any ignorance towards this subject.

A little background about me -
I live about 1 hour south west of Chicago and recently have decided to go the organic route. One of the main reason is because of my 2 dogs, 1 has terrible environmental allergies and this time of year particularly he licks, and bites his paws uncontrollably. Other reasons are because my wife and I live in a fairly new neighborhood and whenever someone moves in they tend to stop by and almost always the lawn care conversation comes up. Soooo, I think if I can (with your help) come up with a program that I can implement I would be able to help my neighbors. Anyways that is my motivation. When I used a lawn care company (tru Green) my lawn did indeed look good, but I felt guilty and knew there was a better approach.

I have been reading a lot of post about the subject and the more I read the more I get stir crazy. I think I have a decent understanding of the terminology and process of organic lawn care. Formulating a plan that I can put on a calendar and follow is my goal.

Here is what I have done so far-
An aeration done in March and put down a couple applications of Milorganite fert. (now I know there is no need to aerate the lawn after reading many posts) I do have a sprinkler system, but haven�t used it very much this year due to a rainy season so far. I mow the grass at the highest height my mower will go. 3-1/2 to 4 inches. My biggest problem is weeds. Some clover, and other weeds I cannot identify.

Some info that may help you help me-

My house sits between 2 vacant lots, that are mowed 2-3 times per year. Behind my house there is a business that has a mole infestation (which I have under control on my property) My soil is a sandy clay mix, parts of it are very dry and my whole yard is on a pitch. I believe I may have water
absorption problems in some areas. The front of the house faces the south and the dry problem areas are on the NE side. Some areas of the lawn where I get a decent amount of moisture and the water gets absorbed I have very little weeds and the grass grows great.

I would appreciate anyones support in helping me achieve an organic lawn care program. After everything I have read I just want to make sure I have the right plan in place for the zone I am in.

Thanks in advance,

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