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Rectangular or round table for our dining room? What size?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We are looking to buy a new dining room table. We are a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 young children under the age of 5). We will be using this table for every meal since we decided against an eating area in the kitchen.

The dining room is 12x13 when I exclude a bay window on one of the narrow sides. The bay window itself is 3' deep by 92'' wide making the dining room 16' long. There are also two corner built-in cabinets in the corners opposite to the bay window.

We are looking for a table that seats 8 comfortably and that could squeeze 10 on special occasions.

I really like the look of a double pedestal rectangular table but was afraid the pedestals might get in the way depending on the chair configuration. I might be wrong though. The table is 42'' wide by 68'' long with two 20'' leaves. We would keep one leaf on all the time and use the second leaf when needed.

I'm also interested in a pedestal round table. The table comes in different sizes: 54'', 60'' or 72'' wide with the option of a 20'' leaf. I am considering a 60'' table with the extra 20'' leaf. Would that be big enough for 8? Would it be too big for the dining room? I like the idea of the rounded ends which could perhaps be useful near the bay window. The bay window has a radiator cover that could be used as a banquette for the children.

What do you think? Any opinion? I don't want the dining room to feel cramped but want to maximize the space.

----------Updating with another possibitly--------

I'm thinking a double pedestal oval table might also work. They make a 48'' round table that comes with two 20'' leaves. Would that be a better idea?

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