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Citrus newbie confession.. need help with fertilizer please!

7 years ago

Hello everyone!

I have a newbie confession and would love some help from you citrus forum'ers. Here it goes... I have never used fertilizer on any of my trees. Even my potted trees, I've eliminated the feeding.. this is mostly because when I first learned of the 5-1-1 mix or other soil mixes for other types, I didn't have the proper recipe from here. However, this year I did learn the proper 5-1-1 mix recipie, but when I put my Eureka in the container after it being an in-ground tree, I purposely eliminated the Ocosmote because I was advised not to feed just yet.

I have had avocado, mango, and banana trees (well, the bananas are a plant) grow big and healthy (producing great fruit for those of age) in the year and a half that I've had them. The bananas grow big on their own, but the mangos and avocados do require feeding. However, I've only watered them and they have survived and have done pretty well. I want to include some pics so that you can see why I haven't made fertilization a priority (these are just two examples; I have more). These pics are all in just over a year's time from their baby stages to just last night.

I have two citrus (two lemon trees: one container and one in-ground) and I need to get educated on the matter, especially before I go and buy another citrus tree! Or two! Also, my sister-in-law has already hinted at wanting to send me two citrus for my bday now that I've taken an interest in citrus. I really want to buy another citrus, but I have a silly question first. How can I fertilize using 1 tsp (or even tbsp) per gallon of water if I use much more than a gallon to water them? Once I understand how to fertilize them, I'll treat myself, so please help!!!!! : )

I have read other posts suggesting that I use a gallon watering can and add foliage pro in the can which I'll then pour into the tree's planting medium. But then what? One gallon is not enough to actually water the tree, so I'll have to go back and use the water hose to thoroughly water the tree. BUT, did that tsp/tbsp just get watered down so much that it's ineffective? I don't know how many gallons I use when I use the water hose (I soak them for a few mins), so I wouldn't know how add any additional foliage pro. Surely, you guys don't fill up the watering can over and over to get proper water determinations? Not sure if I'm explaining my question/doubts correctly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!





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