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Kitchen sinks and drain board help please

7 years ago

Our kitchen plan is not finalized yet. Plan 1 was what the KD came up before she found out we're getting wall ovens. Plan 2 is what we came up with together. The island will be about 90" long. I might make it small if I can't find a slab that size. We're going with Quartz counter tops. There's still lot of details to work out such as the size of cabinets and drawers etc. The windows are going to be at the counter top level, would this have an effect on the type of sink/faucet we should buy?

I need to figure out the kitchen sink. I would like a 24" as the prep sink on the island and I need a colander that would fit in it.

I'm thinking of buying a 30" for the clean up sink by the window.

In our current kitchen we have an over mount and I find the water always pools along edges outside on the counter. So I'm thinking of buying under mount sinks this time. Currently we have a plastic drain board with a rack and I hate the drain board. I inquired from our KD about making a drainboard on Quartz but was told doing this will void our warranty on the counter top. So what other options do we have for a drain board. We use it all.the.time.

Please let me know if there's a particular reason why I should avoid a certain plan. I thought both were pretty good as I had posted earlier and took into account the advice that was given.

Plan 1 - If we decide to go with P1, the oven/microwave will be next to the fridge and a range hood will be above the cook top.

Plan 2 - Range hood over the cook top, spices will be in the top cabinet next to the oven. Windows on either side of the range hood.

Thank you.

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