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Electrical outlets in floor in front of wall of windows?

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

We are remodeling a MCM with a wall of floor to ceiling windows on the back side of the house. The wall has two 10 ten foot sliders and four panes of floor to ceiling fixed pane glass.

My electrician and contractor are telling me we have to install electrical outlets in the floor along the glass walls pursuant to NEC code. They are talking to the inspector, but told us to plan on this. The outlets will have to be placed about a foot or so from the wall of glass because duct work runs underneath the floor adjacent the the windows, so they are not even right next to the windows.

Are these outlets required by code? It seems to us that the wall of window (especially the moving sliders) wouldn't count as "walls"? I found this online:

Wall space where you put electrical outlets is defined as not
being broken by fireplaces, moving wall panels and doorways. Windows do
not count as broken space unless the window is a ceiling to floor unit.

Also, the placement seems to pose a serious tripping hazard, and we have young kids. Also, a pool is located just 15 feet outside the doors. We are concerned about safety with kids running around/wet feet.

Are these outlets required? Is there a specific code provision I can cite to? Any thoughts/input would be helpful. thanks

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