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My Christmas Tree neighbor may be about to lose ALL of his trees.

6 years ago

I'm talking thousands of trees here. This is the hot story of our neck of the woods. The Christmas Tree neighbor doesn't own the property that his trees are on, his dad does. His dad has let him use this land for decades, without any form of payment of rent, taxes or him giving his dad a share of the profits. Nothing! His dad who is about 74, lives about a mile away from us. Anyway, there is a small country store with a boat launch onto our lake next to me. The owner of it died from a stroke last year and his 4 children put the place up for sale. This property abuts my property and the Christmas tree neighbors property.

Apparently, my Christmas tree neighbor and his dad were in a huge bidding battle for this property and the son outbid his dad. His dad is PISSED! From what I hear he is madder (and he's known for his temper) than anyone has ever seen him. My Christmas tree neighbor's brother called me the other day and said their father is due back from KY in a few weeks and when he does I'll be able to sit outside in my yard and enjoy the show. I said what show? He said just watch. It's about to get real.

To make matters worse, my christmas tree neighbor wants to close off the boat launch to EVERYONE in our area. He wants it for himself! I was talking to my other neighbor about it and he said NY will get involved if that happens, plus our lake association will sue him.

My neighbor said he had heard a while back that the father threatened to bulldoze his son's trees a long time ago after an argument. But this is worse, and it cant be rectified. There is nothing the son can do or say to get out of it. See, this property his son bought was previously owned by his father. His father sold it to the man who died about 30 years ago and now the father wanted it back. The son selfishly took that way from him, after all this dad has done for him..

If his dad pays someone to bulldoze the trees, I'll take a video of it and put it on here.

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