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Why is year old garlic head so small?

linnea56 (zone 5b Chicago)
7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

When viewing a gardener’s yard during an open garden day last summer, I
and several others admired some plants she had distributed among her many
perennial beds. We were all surprised to find out they were garlic. She just liked the twirly ornamental
seedheads and grew them as an accent,
but said they were edible. She dug up and gave us all a handsful.

This was a year ago in July. I took mine home and planted mine in a holding bed; I never did get around to putting them into my flower gardens. I had my own twirly heads sometime back. I had maybe 10 altogether.

I was working out there today and realized that the stems had dried up and I had a hard time finding any. But I did find one, followed the stem down, and dug up the head. I was surprised the garlic head was so small, considering it had been in the ground over a year.

Is this typical? Is this maybe not usual culinary garlic? We eat a LOT Of garlic, one person could not grow enough, I thought of tasting it more for the novelty or if it tasted different. Thanks.

I took a photo with some other things in the background for scale. It’s less than a golf ball in size, but I am holding it in my left hand, about 2 feet above the wall stones.

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