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Olive Oil Gold- Nicolas Alziari

Ellie RK
6 years ago

Ok, so I'm sure this isn't new to most of you cooks here, but I just recently discovered (accidentally) the most amazing olive oil I have ever tasted.

Last night, hubs asked for my version of a Spanish dish, Shrimp in garlic oil for dinner tonight. It's one of the few things I know how to cook.

So earlier today I went out to get the shrimp at a local french market near me. Realized we were out of olive oil me so I just grabbed the first one I saw, and glad I didn't look at the price!

Anyway, just prepared dinner. OMG, seriously to die for. Best I've ever made. Tasted the olive oil and nearly fainted - it's so good I can drink this stuff.

Where has this been all my life??!!

Anyone else here use it? What other dishes require an excellent olive oil??

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  • Ellie RK
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    I'm on a mission to discover others now. Will definitely look at the Spanish ones.

    Thanks @plllog

  • plllog
    6 years ago

    If there are wineries anywhere accessible to you, or hoity toity gourmet stores, you might check their events schedules to see if they have olive oil tastings. Fun, and easier to find something you like than buying bottles one by one. :)

    Just keep in mind that sunlight, heat and air exposure will change extra virgen olive oil into just plain olive oil. So long as it hasn't started to go rancid, you can still cook with it, but you'll lose that special flavor that makes it taste good out of the can. If it comes in a clear bottle, forget it. Dark glass should be fine, as are cans like yours (people argue about which is better, and I think that's personal preference). There was a scandal in the U.S. about EVOO a number of years ago because many imports weren't testing correctly, and they were calling it "counterfeit" and blaming the mob, when it was mostly just mishandled. I don't worry about you in this regard, however, because you know from this experience what the good stuff smells and tastes like.

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  • Abby Krug
    6 years ago

    You've sold me on this olive oil! Thank you for spreading the word. On a similar note, if you are ver in a store selling toasted pumpkin seed oil- buy it. I think it came from Austria- I had it ages ago from a shop that has long closed in my area- Oakville Market - it was shockingly delicious. Could have drunk it with a straw.

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  • CindyMac
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    There was a scandal in the U.S. about EVOO a number of years ago because many imports weren't testing correctly, and they were calling it "counterfeit" and blaming the mob, when it was mostly just mishandled.

    That's incorrect. It's actually deliberate fraud. I've discovered how good California olive oils are and now buy them exclusively.

    extra-virgin olive oil comes exclusively from the first pressing of the
    olive harvest and contains no additives. "You know, when you see it
    there [in Italy], it's this almost luminescent green," Campanile says.
    "It looks like nothing you've seen before, and tastes like nothing
    you've tasted before."

    Unfortunately, by the time this heavenly
    liquid reaches American shores, much of it has lost its luster, often
    due to improper storage or tampering. Journalist Tom Mueller, who has researched the industry,
    estimates that half the oil sold as extra-virgin in Italy and 75-80
    percent of the oil sold in the U.S. does not meet the legal grades for
    extra-virgin oil.

    The most common type of fraud, Campanile
    explains, is mixing Italian extra-virgin with lower quality olive oils
    from North Africa and around the Mediterranean. In other cases, a bottle
    labeled "extra-virgin olive oil" may not be olive oil at all, just a
    seed oil like sunflower made to look and smell like olive oil with a few
    drops of chlorophyll and beta-carotene. Major Sergio Tirro of the
    Italian Carabinieri police, one of the top investigators of food fraud
    in Europe, showed 60 Minutes' Bill Whitaker just how easy it is to make a realistic-looking fake.

    oil fraud has gone on for the better part of four millennia," Campanile
    says. "The difference now is that the food supply chain is so vast, so
    global, and so lucrative that it's easy for the bad guys to either
    introduce adulterated olive oils or mix in lower quality olive oils with
    extra-virgin olive oil."

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  • plllog
    6 years ago
    last modified: 6 years ago

    Yes, but there were also a number of makers who were exonerated. They actually figured out that it was the bad handling that had affected a lot of those imports.

    Either way, if you know what good EVOO is like, there's no way to fake it. You might be able to fake the label, but not whether it's true EVOO. I suppose you could perfume it, like truffle oil, but it's pretty easy for someone with a modicum of experience to tell the difference. Said truffle oil always smells chemical to me.

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  • CindyMac
    6 years ago

    You referenced something that happened years ago. The CBS report aired earlier this year.

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  • partst
    6 years ago

    We live in the mountains east of Bakersfield and Rio Bravo
    farms just started advertising olive oil for sale at the ranch office that is
    just outside of the canyon on our road to Bakersfield so its definitely on my
    list to stop and see what they have.

    Ellie RK thanked partst
  • plllog
    6 years ago

    Oh! Sorry, CindyMac. Yes, I was talking about years ago. I don't know about the current. Thanks for the clarification.

    how easy it is to make a realistic-looking fake This is interesting. How can you tell by looks? As I said, it's probably oxidized if it's in a clear bottle and even if it was EVOO, it will have lost its oomph. If it's in a tin, how can you tell by looking? If you open it and smell it, you can taste it. I can smell it too. Olive oil smells like olives. EVOO smells like flowers and all kinds of fruits. If it smells like parsley and carrots, surely that's different?

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  • Islay Corbel
    6 years ago

    Always best to buy locally.

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  • arkansas girl
    6 years ago

    The best olive oil I've ever tasted comes from olives grown right in Texas! best tasting olive oil

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  • Ellie RK
    Original Author
    6 years ago

    Thanks for your opinions everyone.

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