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Seeking some cuttings of Devil's Ivy and Variegated Cast Iron Plant

7 years ago

I need cuttings of Devils Ivy's and Variegated Cast Iron Plant

Epipremnum Aureus / Pothos / Devils Ivy and Variegated Cast Iron Plant cuttings are needed. This is my first time trying this site for plant exchanges and hope I'm in the right area for what I need. I had to give ALL my plants away when I was very ill and had to move in with my son and his family where there was no room for my plants. They took very good care of me and I have recovered from that long illness and now living back on my own. So now I'm trying to rebuild my plant family with asking (begging LoL) for plant cuttings or rooted plants because I have very little funds at this time to buy plants from stores. I can't go rummaging like I use to for plants and pots etc because I can no longer drive. I hate to bother my family with this issue although I know that they would do all they can to help me but they do so much for me as it is. With the kindness of some people in my new neighborhood I am pretty well set up with new cuttings and small plants all except Devils Ivy or Pothos and Variegated Cast Iron Plant (this was my favorite plant it was huge before I had to give it away) . I'm trying to get plants that clean the air because many of my kind neighbors smoke in their apartments but that don't stop the smoke and the smell from drifting all around the halls and other places in the building (my apartment). At this time I really don't have much to trade with except some heart leaf philodendron and they are really small cuttings at this time but growing nicely in soil. In the near future I will have Swiss Cheese plant, Black Bamboo, Night Blooming Epiphyllum ( this is what I was told it is), baby spider plants and Purple Velvet Plant. I don't know the procedures for plant swaps at this time but I'm a fast learner and I'm sure some kind person/s will clue me in to the way it's done here. Thanks in advance for your kind consideration in this matter.

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