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What is this blood-curdling screaming sound?

7 years ago

Every so often we are awakened in the wee hours of the night by what sounds like two animals fighting/chasing each other in the small woods abutting our weekend cottage on Long Island. The sound is extremely loud and sounds very much like one of the animals, likely a cat, attacking and killing the other, which is extremely disturbing, to say the least. (Because we've heard this sound before, most recently last weekend, we assume that no animals have actually been hurt.) Three of us have heard it now and all three of us have independently described the sound as that of a cat being skinned alive. (It does NOT sound like a baby or woman being murdered or other human sound.) I did a little research and can rule out fisher cats, peacocks, owls, and foxes -- none of these replicate the prolonged, strangled screaming sound that we're hearing, nor do any of these seem loud enough to be what we're hearing. Any ideas what this might be? The woods aren't large so I think we can also rule out any sort of bobcat or mountain lion. The only animals we regularly see are deer, squirrels, raccoons, and turtles, and to my knowledge none of them make a blood-curdling, cat-being-skinned screaming sound like this. Help!!

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