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Last Sparrow Won't Fledge

Brienna Oulette
7 years ago


I have a birdhouse in my backyard. Two of the three baby birds fledged two days ago. It's the 3rd day and the baby still has not made it out of the house. He can walk up to the edge, turn around and go back inside- so I don't think he's stuck on anything. He's begging strongly for food when parents come by.
Mom and Dad seem to be checking on him regularly- but weren't feeding him- I assume to encourage him out. Today mom finally fed him a little. Also, his fledgling siblings have generally stayed away from the house...except for today when one of them was in the tree by the house peeping repetitively w/ dad there as well.
I know to leave him be, because parents are still caring for him- but is there a time when I should intervene? This being the 3rd day is worrisome. Could the baby have some kind of deformity? What happens if he doesn't fledge? I can't find anything when I try to research it...
Thanks for your help


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