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It has arrived..New Zealand Lemonade

7 years ago

Doing the happy dance..I ordered a two year old NZL from McKenzie Farms last Saturday. They sent it out on Monday by priority mail. USPS. It arrived today in top shape. It looks really good. They packaged it really well, and it came shipped in a pot. I hosed the plant down, and gently hosed all the soil off of the roots that I could get. Then I immediately potted it up in a well draining gritty mix and new pot with lots of drain holes. I have it quarantined from my other citrus, and it is in a shady location.

I am very pleased with my order, and Stan is a very nice pleasant guy to talk to. He said it was his only NZL left in stock. This was my first time ordering from McKenzie Farms, and if they get something rare in that I am interested in, I would not hesitate to order from them again. I paid more for the shipping than for the plant itself. Lol.

I have a Xie Shan on order that I placed with Harris Citrus Nursery. I am still waiting on a shipment date. Hopefully they will ship it out early next week.

The roots..

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