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Need decision today, PLEEAAASSSEE help w my powder room decision

7 years ago
last modified: 7 years ago

Sorry this is so long!

In the first picture, you'll see where the front door is located. The door and the wall are all glass, so you will be able to see in towards the powder room area.

When moving the coat closet into the bathroom foyer/vestibule area, it made the gallery hall uneven with the window, so it needs to be fixed.

Note: the longer the gallery wall is, the prettier is is from outside because it will match the gallery hall on the other side of the courtyard, and the longer wall will block sightlines into interior rooms/halls

So, in this puzzle, we want to figure out how to configure the powder room and guest coat closet to have the best balance of sightlines to the entry vs practical storage for guests.

If we add any storage to the right wall of the entry vestibule to the powder room (where you see the coat closet in the first picture), my husbands closet needs to shrink the same amount because both entries off that hall need to match in order to keep the wall even with the window.

Note: Our mudroom is on the other side of the house which is U shaped, so it’s far away. I could bring a guest’s coat to that area, but it’s not convenient. We are in CA, so there won’t be many coats. However, there will often be sunglasses, keys, purses, a sweater and it would be nice if they all don’t wind up on the sofa. Extra storage is always nice too.

Options: There is no perfect solution so can you help me prioritize because my head is going to explode!!!

1) If we should have a convenient guest coat closet near the entry. Putting it in the powder room vestibule is the only option

a). If it goes on the right wall, the closet in the master needs to shrink. Gallery wall isn’t as nice if it’s shorter

b) If it goes on the bottom wall of the powder vestibule, the bathroom door needs to be moved to the top of the page, which means you’ll be able to be see inside the bathroom from the front door if the door is ever left open. Does this bother you at all????

2) not having a coat closet makes the fix the easiest and has the best sightline of the powder room to the front door

3) an in between solution is if we increase the vestibule leading to the powder room just a little bit and shrink the closet a little, and instead of fitting in a closet, we put a bench or table as a guest drop zone on the right or bottom wall

Any thoughts are incredibly welcome!!!

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