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Plant / weed / wildflower id needed, please!

7 years ago


Can anyone id this plant for me?

Left it go since spring, grew from under the edge of an established Hosta at our new house, and I was curious what it would turn out to be.

Has been blooming for a couple weeks now, buttery yellow flowers that actually look nice with the larkspur I have growing in a pot near it. The first of my larkspur bloomed first with this yellow plant on it's heels.

As tall as the Larkspur in the pot, though if the larkspur had been in the ground and grown freely, I am sure it would have been taller, and still been about the same height.

Wide, irregular shaped leaves and the flowers are dropping to show what I assume are thin seed pods. (there is Solidago behind it, so the thinner leave you may see do not belong to this plant.)

Not sure if it is a perennial or annual.

Began dropping flowers a week ago.

Can anyone tell me what this is? I have no idea, but I hope it is not an invasive weed because it is actually the perfect yellow and nice blooming companion for the purple larkspur, which I love! :-)

What say you all??

Thank you for your time!



ignore the woody thing, I had to prop it up after a atom and it's just tied to a stick! :-)

Still flowering, I think. Here is an unopened flower spike still on the way up, I think.

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